*Big Rock Candy Mountain*

The jar was labeled “Flavored Rock Sugar on a Stick.”  75 cents.  There’s no cents sign on the keyboard!  Didn’t there used to be one?

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4 Responses to *Big Rock Candy Mountain*

  1. Tammy McChesney says:

    I think you just woke up my sugar tooth! 🙂 Great color!

    I never thought about the cent sign…you are right, none on the keyboard, another sign of the times!

  2. danudin says:

    Ah the “Yummy Tum Tumms”!

  3. sandraconner says:

    Great photo, but my attention was caught most by your comment about there being no “cent” sign on the keyboard. I don’t recall ever seeing one, and I have been so frustratd many times over that fact. I think that’s the most ridiculous thing. Why go to all the trouble to put virtually every other kind of symbol — most of which never get used — and leave out one of the most common symbols for use in everyday life? The other one that bothers me is the copyright symbol. I know it’s included in the list of “Special Characters,” but it’s so commonly needed by people who use keyboards in all their work that it should be ON the keyboard in plane sight. Just my opinion.

    • Madelaine says:

      I agree wholeheartedly about the cents sign but I’d never thought about the copyright one…you’re absolutely right! 🙂

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