*Remember Me?*

I was posting this as a reminder of what’s around the corner (just in case you might have forgotten : )) when I noticed something in the sky near the bridge.  I think it’s an eagle!  I hadn’t noticed that before!

Click to enlarge

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5 Responses to *Remember Me?*

  1. danudin says:

    Looks like an Eagle and I think your warning is timely, we are in the throes of winter so I will post a view of it tommorow to reinforce your heads up!

  2. well I sure remember and I had much deeper snow so i hope for something like yours this winter. right now I’m happy for sunny quite warm days 🙂
    interesting what we sometimes find when looking at our photos more close, its a great composed one btw 😉

  3. Tammy McChesney says:

    What perfect timing (and what a spectacular image)!

  4. It won’t be too long now – it’s getting dark earlier and earlier these days.

  5. Jens (Jinxy) says:

    We are going to get a few 100 degree days next week so it nice to see the “cool” image. Great catch on your added bonus in this photo. But seriously, winter pictures in the middle of summer?? LOL

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