Women must have been much stronger back in the day.  This iron is soooooo heavy, I can just about lift it!!!


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8 Responses to *Old-fashioned*

  1. Jens (Jinxy) says:

    Now that is going back in time. Great image Madelaine!!

  2. Tammy McChesney says:

    Wonderful angle and rich textures! Love the lighting too!

  3. john or john a says:

    Yeah, that’s true. Most of the women didn’t have time to visit art museums or carry around cameras.
    They could split wood, carry water, cook (and would).
    Not many wrinkle free, ready-to-wear fabrics then.

    No offense to ‘modern women’ you understand. And you can be sure I won’t show this to my woman.

    Really nice shot of what my mother used.

  4. Sheila says:

    I love the angle of this with the washboard in the background. Great shot.

  5. Terri says:

    Love all these shots Madelaine, I guess women then didn’t have to go out and work for 8 hours and then come home and work for 8 more, LOL. That’s why we have kids, so they can do the work for us, ha ha ha.

  6. boomer3297 says:

    They certainly don’t make ’em like they used to. Where do you pour the water into:)

  7. Iona says:

    Nice shot! Just the weight of that thing alone would iron out the wrinkles, ‘ya think? lol
    This one must have been even before “my time”. My sisters used to do the ironing when I was small, then when I became a ‘teen, it was my turn. They had irons to heat on the wood stove. The one I used was electric.

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