*Big & Small*

Fernet Branca is an Italian Bitters Liqueur made from aromatic herbs and other natural ingredients.  You can read more about Fernet HERE.  Let me just say that it tastes so awful that this bottle is over 10 years old.  lol  Really!  It’s used to aid with gastric upsets and it does work, but YUCK!  I guess people do drink it or they wouldn’t make miniatures. If anyone decides to try it, please let me know.  I’d love YOUR opinion!

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2 Responses to *Big & Small*

  1. john or jaustin says:

    Not one I’ve tried but sounds much like grappa that we have tried while in Italy. Sounds similar as in awful and grappa could be confussed with kerosene!!

    Switch over to limoncello for a nice cold ‘shot’ after dinner.

    Thanks for another educational post.

  2. Iona says:

    Don’t know a thing about this stuff, but the photo has nice contrasts.

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