*Just Because*

I took this yesterday (Thursday) morning.  Twenty-four hours later and it’s still snowing!!!  So much for global warming.

About an hour ago (2:15) I think it finally stopped. 🙂

Before the b & w conversion

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11 Responses to *Just Because*

  1. Jinxy says:

    Wow!! Talk about a winter wonderland. Throw another log on the fire.

  2. Tammy McChesney says:

    What a cold image, but wow how beautiful…snow does have a very romantic look to it!

  3. Danudin says:

    Picture postcard stuff, to send to people you like in the middle of a hot summer, I think others have had ENOUGH snow as you have. Great shot just too cold to appreciate.

  4. boomer3297 says:

    Looks like my house in central New Jersey!

  5. john or jaustin says:

    So what happened to the bench in the top photo?

    Thanks for the reminder of why I no longer need a snow shovel.

    Stay warm and great shots!

  6. Iona says:

    Oh, Madelaine! I know the perils that come with snow and ice, but these photo are wonderful! I love the composition and the before/after photos. I know you and some others are devoted fans of B&W, but a shot of this in color would have been wonderful, (Is this your house?) Personally, besides being pleasing to the eye, I believe the reason we all like photos of snow scenes is that snow covers a multitude of “sins” – made made and nature made. Somehow, we transpose that to ourselves as purity and sinlessness – a state to which we all aspire. Nice work.

  7. Iona says:

    Place this scene with the photo of your smile and it says a lot about you. 😀

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