*Mini Assignment 2 – Self-portrait*

F-stop-f/3.3, shutter speed-1/8 sec., ISO-400, focal length-5mm

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13 Responses to *Mini Assignment 2 – Self-portrait*

  1. Tammy McChesney says:

    Fun Madelaine! What luscious lips you have LOL…this is really fabulous!
    Great idea…I’m having a hard time thinking of anything!

  2. danudin says:

    As a talker myself I DO appreciate this shot. Great Fun

  3. Iona says:

    What a wonderful smile! That tells it all about you, Madelaine! I’d know you anywhere. That smile is a million kilowatt smile if I ever saw one. Love the accent of your makeup, the whiteness of those beautiful teeth, and the “almost” cleft chin. The earrings add another interest. Nice shot, color, lighting. Good job.

    An aside: I was scrolling through some albums of some people that I know (church people), and ran across this girl with whose name was not familiar, but recognized the smile! Come to find out, she had married -thus the name change – but was the granddaughter of dear friends of mine. She was away to college too, which placed her far away from her home town/state. But it was that smile that captured my attention and proved to be who I thought it was. Take care of that luscious smile!

  4. Terri Creasy says:

    Beautiful, Madelaine, what an ideal picture. Verry pretty smile.

  5. ~Val says:

    Nice! I’ve often seen photos where people zoom in on eyes, but never on the mouth, which is such an expressive part of us. Very creative and the end result is fabulous.

  6. Julie McLeod says:

    Love it! Your smile is lighting up the blogosphere! Great idea for a self-portrait and very nicely executed.

  7. Jinxy says:

    Wow !! What a great smile. Great idea for the assignment.

  8. Beautiful color of red. The light coming across the earing and cheek are nice touches. Yes, a beautiful smile.

  9. Sherrie says:

    Great shot! Very pretty and love the shade of lipstick. Have a great day!


  10. Mary Lou says:

    Great self portrait!! Very creative idea. I like your choice of lipstick!!

  11. Ellen says:

    A fine smile! Fab idea too.

  12. Edmund says:

    Great, cool,novel,unique idea they have all been said. Even though I cannot see the smiling eyes I can see them. Very pretty.

  13. victry1 says:

    What a cool shot! Very different! I, too can see those smiling eyes-mischief in the making.

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